Overview - Artificial Christmas Trees with lighting and warm LED - Artificial Christmas Tree Spitsbergen PE with warm LED lighting
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  • Warm LED with footswitch
  • Hinged construction
  • Heavy-duty PE & PVC tips
  • Fire resistant treated (NEN 71-2, B1)
  • For indoor & outdoor use
  • Easy to set up
  • Clear manual
  • Including steel base
  • Strong Storage Box
  • Slim model
Products: Height: Width: Tips: Price:
Spitsbergen PE warm LED 150 - 200 lights - 420165-LED - 30 5 feet 41 inches 598
£ 159,00
Spitsbergen PE warm LED 180 - 300 lights - 420166-LED - 30 6 feet 47 inches 895
£ 219,00
Spitsbergen PE warm LED 210 - 450 lights - 420167-LED - 30 7 feet 53 inches 1369
£ 299,00
Spitsbergen PE warm LED 240 - 600 lights - 420168-LED - 30 8 feet 57 inches 1801
£ 379,00
All prices are incl. 21% VAT. The height of the tree is from the metal foot (bottom) up to the top of the artificial Christmas tree. Tree is incl. metal foot.
The Spitsbergen PE/PVC LED Premium is a natural looking artificial Christmas tree tree illuminated with warm LED, quick and easy to set up. The wiring of the lighting is integrated into the tree trunk and connected with a foot switch. The lights are nicely distributed over the tree and the cords of the lights neatly fade between the branches. This artificial Xmas tree is suitable for all kinds types of decoration.

The hinged construction makes this artificial Xmas tree easy to set up. The artificial tree consists of three parts: the bottom, the middle and the top. The branches are already attached to the trunk, you do not have to put it in the trunk (Umbrella system).

This Spitsbergen PE/PVC LED Premium Tree comes with a steel base and in a sturdy luxury storage box where you can store this fake Christmas tree for the next year after the holidays.

Of course, the Spitsbergen PE/ PVC LED Premium meets the required safety requirements and standards (NEN 71-2, B1).

Check out the detailed photos of the Spitsbergen PE / PVC LED Premium and the photos submitted by our customers, to get a better impression of this beautiful looking artificial Christmas tree.

Tech information:
- Warm LED lights: 50 Lights = 1 Watt / 100 Lights = 2 Watt.
- Wire length from Tree to the plug = 1,5 meter / 5 feet.
- Time Indication Set Up Tree: 15 – 25 min.
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