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Frequently asked Questions - FAQ



General questions

Who is Royal Christmas?
- Royal Christmas is the brand name for Christmas items (like Artificial Christmas trees, Garlands and Wreaths) from Group Veldpape. Royal Christmas produces Christmas items in China itself and is sold in about 80 countries. You can buy Royal Christmas at garden centers, DIY stores and Christmas stores and since 2001 you can also buy it online directly from us at www.royalchristmas.eu

For who is the website intended?
- The site is intended for both the private- as the business- market. The online site is accessible to everyone.

Can I also view the items in the store?
- There are different Christmas shops in the Netherlands where the Articles of Royal Christmas can be viewed. See www.kunstkerstbomen.nl/kerstwinkels But you can always order online.

Can you immediately buy an artificial Christmas tree from the Showroom / Christmas shop and take it home?
- Yes that is possible. All products on the site are in stock. If it is offered online, you can also buy it in the shop in Winschoten. The Christmas shop from Royal Christmas is open from 22 October until the 1st week of January. Opening hours are from Wednesday / Sunday from 13.00 t / m 17.00. Other times is only possible by appointment. Therefore please call +31 (0) 597 413 546 or email us at info@royalchristmas.nl

Customers rate Royal Christmas Trustpilot.
- With every order you will receive an assessment mail from Trustpilot. In this way you can give your opinion on Royal Christmas. In 2015 we had a value of respectively 9.3

Is there any further information available?
- For questions and information you can always mail us at info@royalchristmas.nl You will get an answer to your question the same day. Or call us and one of our colleagues will answer you.

Enter the code for the website www.royalchristmas.nl / www.royalchristmas.com and www.royalchristmaas.com.hk
- These sites are meant exclusively for resellers. Such as garden centers, DIY stores, Wholesalers and Decorators.


What is so special about the collection of royal Christmas?
- Royal Christmas is the undisputed number one in the field of Artificial Christmas trees in Europe. The Artificial Christmas trees are developed and produced by ourselves. Also see the movie:

Are all the articles in stock?
- All Christmas items listed on the site are in stock and available almost instantly. Unless otherwise stated in the product.

Does the Christmas articles meet the prescribed fire safety requirements?
- Yes our Christmas articles meet the European and Dutch applicable fire safety requirements. NEN EN71-2, NEN EN60-65, NEN EN60-66, NEN B1. Upon request you can receive a certificate by email for your order. All our lighting also meets all requirements.
NEN-EN 71-2 - Flame Retardant

Can the trees be used outside?
- It is possible to use the artificial Christmas tree outside. The artificial Christmas trees with lights are not for use outside . The artificial Christmas trees are actually meant for indoor use. However, they can stand outside but the service life will be shorter. This also applies to the wreaths and garlands. There is one tree named Dakota specifically for outdoor use with outdoor lighting.

What is hinged construction and plug-in construction?
- In artificial Christmas trees these are the two possible constructions: 1. In a hinged construction the branches are already attached to the trunk. 2. With a hook-on construction you have to put the branches in the trunk by yourself, this is easily done using colour and / or letter combinations. See example.

From what materials are the articles made?
- • Artificial Christmas trees, mini trees, Garlands, Wreaths and Arch The above products are made from different fabrics. It could be made of PE / PVC-made material or PE material, or PVC material. It is listed on the website for each product, what material is made of. For more information about the materials, see also: http://www.kunstkerstbomen.nl/materialen.html • Christmas balls The Christmas balls are made of plastic.

Is there a warranty on the Flagpole Trees?
- Yes you have a 2 year Warranty and After Sale Service.

Is there a warranty on all your products?
- Yes, every product has 2 years of warranty and After Sales Service.


Example hook-on construction:  

Hook-on construction

 Example hinged construction:

 Hinged construction

















Are all Flagpole trees including mast?
- No. Only the flagpole trees of 1.85m, 3m and 4.2m includes mast of fiberglass and metal ground pin. The Flagpole Trees 6m 8m and 10m are exclusive mast.

Are you providing also masts for Flagpole Trees?
- Yes, but only for the Flagpole Tree 6 meters we have a Flagpole on sale that you also can use for your flag. For 8m and 10m Flagpole trees you should have a Flagpole yourself.

What is covered by the length of an artificial Christmas tree?
- The height of the tree (as mentioned on the site) includes the base. See example. The wreaths are one-sided and the width size is the ultimate measure. At the garlands the final diameter is mentioned.

Are all trees delivered in a stable box?
- Yes all the Christmas artificial trees come in one or more stable boxes.

Can I order empty storage boxes?
- Yes, you will receive a luxury box with dimensions 120x40x40 cm. Unfortunately these storage boxes are not always available. Would you still order one please email us at info@royalchristmas.nl The cost will be between € 15.00 and € 20.00 incl. Shipping. This depends on which country you order from.



How do I order Christmas items?
- You can order all Christmas items easily through the Online Webshop. Do you need help with ordering follow the steps indicated on the page "Help Order http://www.kunstkerstbomen.nl/hulp-bij-bestellen.html See the pictures of the film for a complete explanation. For companies and institutions it is also possible to order by fax and mail.

Can I take a step back in the Webshop?
- Your browser may get an error message. Close the browser completely and start again with your order. We apologize for the inconvenience.

What is the minimum amount for an order?
- Orders are from € 29.00 for the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. And other countries from € 49.00.

Do I get a confirmation of an order online?
- Yes, after your order you will automatically receive a confirmation that the order is processed. Also, you will receive a confirmation email with a overview of your order in PDF. This is also your invoice.

What information will I need to report to questions about an order?
- What information will I need to report to questions about an order? Always mention your invoice number. It starts with 2018 ...... .. The more information we have, the quicker we can be of service.

Is it possible to order from abroad?
- Yes on the website you can order from many countries. And in the past Artificial Christmas trees have already been sent to countries such as Kuwait, USA and the Netherlands Antilles. You just got to take into account a longer delivery time.

Can I track my order?
- With every order you will receive a Track & Trace email with the link. With this link you can track your shipment. After the payment has been processed you will receive the Track & Trace email sent with the link as soon as possible.>br />

What does the discount code in the shopping cart mean?
- The discount code is given by employees of Royal Christmas related to certain actions. If you buy multiple trees or you are a relationship of Royal Christmas, the staff can give you a code. The code will not be provided without giving reason.

Are there any discounts available?
- Yes, but it depends on your order and your ordered products. Please contact us.


Is the online ordering and payment secure?
- Yes, Royal Christmas has a secure payment website and complies with the code of conduct regarding security and HTTPS encryption.

In which currencies can be paid?
- In Euros and British pounds.

What payment options are offered on the site?
- The following payment options are offered: Credit card (MasterCard, Visa and American Express) Transfer according to an invoice, IDEAL, PayPal, Giropay, Mr. Cash for Sofortuberweisung Belgium and Germany.

Can I transfer the money and if so to what bank?
- You can also choose Transfer using a Invoice and that is possible to Rabobank and ING Bank in the Netherlands. For customers in Germany it is possible to transfer to Deutsche Bank in Leer. And customers from Britain can transfer in pounds to the ING Bank in the Netherlands. See transfer / bill.

Can there be paid with IDEAL and how does it work?
- Yes, the payment for IDEAL Netherlands is supported by the following banks RABOBANK, SNSBANK, INGBANK, ABN AMRO, ASNBANK, REGION BANK, TRIODOSBANK and Van Lanschot bankers. When one places an order, you indicate that you wish to pay with IDEAL. Then click on the iDEAL payment button and select your bank. Then you are safely transferred to your bank and your payment order is ready. Your bank asks you for some information that you need to fill in and you can authorize the payment. The amount is collected directly from your account and the Store.nl is informed that the order is paid. The Mister Cash payment for Belgium is supported by the following banks KBC, BELFIUS, FORTIS, Fortis, AXA, CBC, INGBANK and VDK Savings Bank. The Giropay payment method for Germany is supported by the following banks SPAR CHECKOUT, POSTBANK, MLP, CRONBANK, READY BANK, CVW PRIVATBANK and PSDBANK.

When paying I see in beneficiary "Group Veldpape via Tunz.com NV / SA" is this correct it?
- Yes this is true. Tunz.com is part of Ingenico Payment services. They process all our online payments.

If the payment is done, my order will be shipped immediately?
- Your order / package will only be shipped once payment is completed.

Other Money matters

- Companies outside the Netherlands do not have to pay VAT if they enter the VAT number + the correct ascription. You can also check the VAT number + the ascription of http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/?locale=nl See also the bottom of the cup B2B Customers outside Europe such as Switzerland / Norway not pay VAT.

The site will not accept payments online. What now?
- That complaint has been known to occur. Usually this is solved as you close your browser and place the order again. Should this not be the case please mail to info@royalchristmas.nl

Is it possible to receive an invoice for online orders?
- Yes, there is a possibility to print out the bill at the order summary. Also a bill is sent to you by email. (always check if your email is correct)

I have made an online order but did not receive a bill.
- By sending an email to info@royalchristmas.nl with your name and address, the invoice will be sent to you.

Shipping and delivery

Is it possible to pay after delivery?
- All orders must be paid online directly. For institutions, schools and government, there is the possibility to order on account, the invoice you will have to pay after delivery.

What are the transport costs?
- Transport costs are for the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium for free. To view the rates for other countries you open the link http://www.kunstkerstbomen.nl/bezorgen-kosten.html Note carefully that there is a difference between sending a normal tree or a giant tree. Pallet Transport has different rates.

By which transport are the Christmas items be delivered?
- By carrier DPD and their national partners such as France, Chronopost. See also the link https://www.dpd.com The Giant Trees will be shipped by DHL.

Is it possible to deliver at a different address than there is on the invoice?
- Yes this is possible. However, you must enter the delivery address correctly in the comments. Or if you place an online order, you need to select a different delivery address in the shop. We do not deliver to a PO Box address, or to a pack station.

How long takes a shipment?
- This depends on the time you order and where your order to go. The site shows per country how long a shipping will take and what the costs are. See also the link: http://www.kunstkerstbomen.nl/bezorgen-kosten.html Note carefully that there is a difference between sending a normal tree or a giant tree. On the weekends there is no delivery. For pallet deliveries you should calculate two additional days.

Are there orders also send outside of Europe?
- This is sometimes done on special request. In the past there have sometimes been shipments that went to Morocco for example. This can be best applied through mail info@royalchristmas.nl they can also tell you the delivery cost.

What if no one is home during the delivery?
- They make a second delivery attempt whitout charge.

Where can I find the local / regional DPD depot?
- See link: http://www.dpd.com/nl/home/verzenden/verzend_mogelijkheden/depot2

Can I track my order?
- With every order you will receive a Track & Trace email with a link. With this link you can track your order. Once the online order is completed you will receive as soon as possible a Track & Trace email with a link.

I did not receive a Track and Trace number?
- If you did not receive a Track and Trace, you must send an email to info@royalchristmas.nl with your order number and / or name and ask for the Track & Trace code. This will be sent to you as soon as possible.


Is it correct that there is a trial period of 14 days?
- Yes this is correct. Legally, you can return your internet order within 14 days of receipt. Royal Christmas Uses within 14 days the return must be delivered.

How will the return of Christmas items work?
- To return products, please see the link: http://www.kunstkerstbomen.nl/retourneren.html

Missing, incorrect or broken pieces

Missing branch.
- Please email info@royalchristmas.nl and tell them the problem. Also inform clearly in the email the order number starting with 2018 ......... we will try to solve the problem as soon as possible. You must state clearly what kind of tree it is and which branch. All branches have their own colour and / or letter. This must be correctly be informed in the email, since each artificial tree is different.

I have ordered a tree but upon arrival it turned out to be another.
- If it appears that you have received the wrong tree by our mistake we will make sure that the tree is collected and that the right will be sent to you. All costs we take for our account.

I have ordered a tree but after three months, the lighting does not work anymore. Do I have a guarantee?
- On lighting, we cannot guarantee. After all, it worked for three months. If the lighting does not work at the arrival of the Tree then u obviously get a new one sent to you. If that is the case, please contact us. We always try as good as possible to solve it for the customer.

I have ordered a tree but on arrival it turns out the tree is too large. Can I return the tree?
- You can swap the tree for a smaller model. You send the tree return to us (see returns) and you order and pay for another tree. The return costs are for yourself. The costs covered by it are the retrieval of the packet and sending the appropriate package.

Can I get a broken LED lamp in the LED tree easily replaced?
- No, the LED lighting / LED lights can not be replaced.

If one does not work anymore then will all the lights out?

- No, the rest of the lights just stay on. Only if you break the light from its holder the connection will get broke and then all the lights do go out. Complete packages and Complete Put Yourself Together packages. 1. What is the difference between a complete package and a Complete Put Yourself Together package? The names say it all: A Complete Package has been put together by us. Comprising Artificial Christmas Tree + Balls + lighting. And a complete package Put Yourself Together you can compose at your own pleasure. For example: Artificial Christmas Tree + Balls + Light + Basket / Christmas plumage.

Tickets for the show

I'm interested in tickets for the exhibition in Frankfurt.
- If you are interested in a card for the exhibition in Frankfurt, send an email to info@royalchristmas.nl and you get a response back

Cataloque offers

- In the beginning of the year a catalog. In this catalog the whole collection of Royal Christmas 2018 found. These are not for individuals. There must be a minimum order of € 5,000. - Are taken here otherwise you will not qualify.

Can you send a catalog?
- If you would like to receive a catalog in 2018 he can be sent to you by mail. Mail to dennis@royalchristmas.nl

Baubles and lighting advice

Advice Baubles and lighting:
- Micro Lights 100 lamps Tiny lamps, hence micro denomination, the traditional lighting has already been on the market only for inside use.
- Cluster lighting - multiple types like 1152 lamps cord with many micro-lights which many lights together. Is as well for indoor and outdoor use.
- 100 Connector LED lamps - connectable LED lighting is the first energy efficient lighting, has a warm appearance and five x 100 lamps can be connected. For indoor and outdoor use.
- LED lighting which uses efficient LED lights instead of eg bulbs. Is for indoor and outdoor use.
- Curtain 1776 - is LED lighting which is specially made for Giant trees and large trees from 10 ft. / 300 cm, 12 ft. / 360 cm, and 15 ft. / 450 cm. Enlightenment size of 2 x 6 meters and can fit easily into the tree. For indoor and outdoor use.
- Curtain 100 LED lamps connectable LED lighting is energy efficient, has a warm appearance and five x 100 lamps can be connected. For indoor and outdoor use.

Size tree Recommended balls Recommended lighting
4 feet   48 Pcs. =   4 boxes                100 bulbs
5 feet   60 Pcs. =   5 boxes                100 bulbs
6 feet   72 Pcs. =   6 boxes   200  -   300 bulbs
7 feet   96 Pcs. =   8 boxes   300  -   400 bulbs
8 feet 144 Pcs. = 12 boxes   400  -   500 bulbs
9 feet 216 Pcs. = 18 boxes   500  -   700 bulbs
10 feet 288 Pcs. = 24 boxes   800  - 1200 bulbs
12 feet 360 Pcs. = 30 boxes 1000  - 1500 bulbs
15 feet 432 Pcs. = 36 boxes 1200  - 1700 bulbs


Power consumption articles:

          Article Power consumption
            Giant tree     175 Watt
            LED lighting       20 Watt
            Prelit lighting       90 Watt
            Garland LED       20 Watt
            LED light       0.02w ( 70L=1.4W, 100L=2W, 200L=4W)

Energielabel warm LED




Order before 1 PM delivery in 2 working days!
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